Interactive Learning

At On5, we understand that each educational institute has its own collection of challenges and requirements. We want to ensure the best outcome for your school and students, we do this by taking the time to understand your school’s priorities. By doing this we can design an IT solution dedicated to your situation and criteria.

  • IT audit and review of current technology platforms
  • Meeting diverse student, staff, device and information needs
  • Hosting and providing secure access to masses of digital data
  • Cybersecurity including firewall and malware software
  • Wireless setup and management
  • Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)

We only use digital technologies that are ahead of the curve, allowing us to provide reliable solutions that support and enhance student’s digital learning experience. While equipping you with a reliable and stable network to minimize learning disruptions.

  • Interactive Learning

    Today, learning is not limited only to the combination of images and texts but much more than that. Many textbooks are joined to web-based sites that incorporate additional videos, materials, animations, assessments, and other materials to aid the learning process. This provides a broader perspective to the students in gaining knowledge on new things with a better understanding and interaction with their friends and teachers. The real-world problems are discussed in classroom by the educational professionals and students are made to find the answers for these problems.

  • Security

    As there will be many students present in a class of any educational institution, monitoring the whereabouts and activities of each and every student is not an easy task. Moreover, the students in an educational institution are more exposed to risks and require smart security when compared with the population at any other places of work. IoT can add an immense value in terms of enhancing the security of schools, colleges, and any other learning centres. With the help of technologies like 3D positioning, students can be monitored 24/7 and their presence can be reported at any given point of time. The option of distress buttons can also be provided by these technologies for raising an alarm if in case the need arises. For monitoring the student behavior, intelligent camera vision can be used in the campus. Recently, computer vision technologies have improved a lot and can monitor any signature movements. This activity can automatically stop any unexpected incidents from taking place.

  • Educational Apps

    The educational apps leveraging IoT can be regarded as powerful creative tools and are transforming the way in which teaching, and learning is done. They also enable the teachers and students to create 3D graphics textbooks which feature videos and provide the capability to take notes. These kinds of apps can be considered as game changers as they provide a large number of educational games. These games provide numerous features that offer interesting possibilities in teaching and learning. This makes education more appealing than ever before.

  • Increasing Efficiency

    In many schools and colleges, a lot of time is spent on activities that do not add any value to the core aim of their very existence. For instance, attendance of the students needs to be taken several times a day. Additionally, this data has to be sent to the central office for different purposes. The IoT can put an end to this inefficient system. With the help of IoT end-devices, this data can be collected and sent to the central office server automatically eliminating the need for any human intervention. Due to this revolutionary shift towards the IoT, the tedious task of teachers and students can be minimized. This allows them to concentrate more on teaching and learning which is the core function of any center of learning.